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The Aria-3D Sound

What is Stereo in 3D Sound?

Stereo over two loudspeakers works by creating a phantom acoustic scene between the loudspeakers.(

3D sound, also known as spatial sound, is sound as we hear it naturally, and the technology behind recreating it is quite amazing. Sounds come from all directions and distances, and we're able to distinguish them by their pitch, tone, loudness, and location (

Enter the interesting web based application called ARIA 3D that completely free, but allowed me to remind you that the application still experimental but very promising one in term of sound localization and 3D imaging.

Further definition taken from their Blog   as follow:
What is 3D-Sound?
3D-Sound refers to the positional sounds we perceive in the 3D-Space surrounding us.
To put it simply: 3D-Sound refers to the way we hear.
What is 3D-Audio?
3D-Audio is the reproduction of 3D-Sound in our ears, via a chain of electronic devices.
To put it simply: 3D-Audio is simulation of 3D-Sound.
How can one listen in 3D?
A 3D-Audio engine is a must (software or hardware), plus a set of sound producing devices.
To put it simply: With a 3D-Audio Engine and via Headphones or over Speakers.


I picked up the usual setup for this experiment such as:

The Hardware:
1. Asus Laptop with intel i7 and Windows 10
2. iFI Nano iDSD DAC 
3. Cayin Integrated Vaccum Tube A50T
4. Handy Cable and ATP Cable for RCA
5. Canare Cable for Loudspeakers
6. Kaymee AMT 1-S Stand mount loudspeakers

Since 3D Sound need proper setup thus I carefully matched the level of the speakers, put in on axis toward my left and my right ears and try to find the most accurate and balanced sweet spot between the two loudspeakers. Finally I chose the distance between loudspeaker only as narrow as 2 feet and the distance between me and the loudspeaker is only 3 feet (near field setup environment). FYI Aria-3D also gave us recommended setting for optimum result.

The Software:

Free Aria-3D Media Player on Google Chrome Browser(you can use your own music as long as you have been registered as user of ARIA-3D)

First I played their video and music demo and immediately got stunned because it really makes my two speakers in front of me sound like multi channel one. The sound is coming from behind the speakers, at the speakers, at the far left and far right and above or below the speakers especially on helicopter demo (video) and train demo (audio). But when I played some  ordinary recording especially commercial recording with multi miking and over dubbing the effect is less stunning.Then I tried to play some binaural HD recording from Chesky and Stax Binaural. This time the 3D effect sound just like wearing binaural headphone. So convincing that I try to check several times there is no one behind or beside me aaarrrrrrrgh! Depth of the stage, width of the stage and height of the stage are simply mind blowing.

I'm amazed. How about you?!


April, 2017

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