Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Music As Beauty As It Is

Why music is really important for us? And why people really like music? Because those beating rhythmic and melodious instruments, the haunting and sparkling voices really energize and escalated our emotion into the relaxing condition of auditory nirvana.

History of music really showed that,  so many interesting music can be found in every part of the world regardless of the cultures, the religion, the gender or the social condition. Regarding those situation, people who want to reproduce the music must focus on the music itself before he got into the detail of the audio playback system.

But sadly, too many times people found their audio playback system are less capable to reproduce right from the start.  So the music become boring, lifeless, emotion less than the real one. Because in some condition people makes the decision in the wrong direction. For example they bought audio equipment based only on the price or the specification and forgot to recognize how those equipment could playback the music as close as it is.

So let's find our inner music first, then after that let's talk about the right and proper equipment that can reproduce our music beautifully. 

The decision is yours...

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