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RAAL 64-10 Ribbon Review

What makes a good or decent tweeters?
In my humble opinion, since I really like that sparkling, tingling and shining sound of music, so I have some preferences as follow:

1. Capability to well integrate with other drivers such as midrange or woofer to give all around and proportional sound reproduction.
2. Capability to give lifelike high frequency of such instruments like triangle, harp, piano or cymbals
3. Capability to have linear sound from lower high (i.e 3-5KHz) midhigh (5-10KHz), high (10-16KHz) and extended high (16-30KHz) without cone break up or beaming frequency.
4. Capability to give extended listening time without ears fatique.
5. Capability to reproduce any kind of music genre

Enter the RAAL 64-10 Original Equipments Manufacturer tweeter from Serbia, Europe. RAAL has long history of making products with build quality and sound quality ribbon tweeters like no others manufacturer ever built. The small team under the supervision of the man named Alexsandar Radisavljevic has been providing several famous brand of Loudspeakers company with their line up of ribbon tweeters.

So when my friends Kelvin from Vermouth Audio asking me to test and review the 64-10 OEM version. I jumped out without thinking twice to review the products.

This time I put The RAAL as super tweeters with my DIY Bookshelf loudspeaker. The Bookshelf consisting of 2 way Loudspeakers both with Jantzen Audio drivers. The crossover region is as follow
1. Jantzen Woofer from 60Hz-1.5Hz 12db Butterworth
2. Jantzen Tweeters  from 1.5-5KHz 12db Butterworth
3. RAAL Super Tweeters from 5KHz-50KH 12db Butterworth

I'm using Indonesian composer from his albums "The Sound of Indonesia" with the Track Ayo Mama (C'mon Mama). Actually it is my favorite folk song of Indonesia.

I have linked video of my review so you can hear how clear, clean and transparent the high frequency and well integrated with the rest of music.It is also gives me an extra ambiences of the sound stage.

Video Review of RAAL 64-10

1. High quality tweeters
2. Ideal for super tweeters
3. Very transparent, airy and crystal clear sounding.
4. Expanded soundstage
5. Phase coherent

1. Higher price than most ribbon tweeters but you get what you paid
2. Need matching crossover, drivers and amplifiers to sound best

If you like the extended high but still sound like a real instruments this tweeters are very recommended to buy

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