Sunday, 26 February 2017

Kaymee Audio AMT-1S The Bookshelf (Stand Mount) Loudspeakers

This is actually DIY Loudspeakers which has been built recently together between Kaymee Audio and me. The name of our collaboration is Kaymee Audio AMT-1S.

Kaymee Audio AMT-1S
The Specification of Kaymee Audio AMT-1S
2-way speaker with magnesium cone woofer and Air Motion Transformer tweeter with a frequency response of 50Hs to 35Khz, a sensitivity of 90db 1w/1m 2.83 volts. The minimum power to drive them is 20 watts per channel while the max power is 250 watts RMS per channel

The Philosophy Behind Kaymee Audio AMT-1S

 The philosophy of AMT-1S actually has the same meaning as the word amities  

1. friendship; peaceful harmony.
2. mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship, especially between nations; peace; accord.

So this is the loudspeakers which build, listen and enjoy because of peaceful harmony and friendship around it.

The Making of Kaymee Audio AMT-1S

The Sketch Up
The Drivers and simple crossover

FA-1 AMT Tweeters
SEAS Lotus Reference with Magnesium drivers
The Inside Bracing
The half naked enclosure
The Painting Process
The Ported
The Binding Post

The finishing in red

    The Team of Kaymee Audio (from left to right Satyagung Indra, Trias Ananta, Hamass Shofwanudin)  
The Listening of Kaymee Audio AMT-1S
On the setup The Kaymee Audio AMT-1S are driven by an Ilusi Audio 211 Vacuum Tube Amplifier with separate tube power supply rated 2x20watts RMS
The Great Vaccum Tube Amp!
Another Glowing Tube and Shining Red!

The Complete Setup
Testing and Listening together with friends
We are very happy with the good result and the friendship among us
Thank you so much for the courtesy of our friend Moko Aguswan (he is one of the greatest sound engineer in Indonesia) who is willing to lend his apartment as  testing area of both Kaymee Audio AMT-1S and Ilusi Audio 211.  For 5 hours several songs from various genre has been played including the new song being mixed recently by Moko Aguswan and we we very happy for the result, the music was flowing, blooming and shining. In short you must listen it by yourself.

Asawendo, February 2017

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