Monday, 30 May 2016

The Categories of Audio Equipment

Home Audio equipment refers to devices that reproduce sound or music in our home. Regarding the complexity to set it up and the sound quality reproduction one can produce, there are three categories of  audio equipment listed as follow:

1. Consumer Home Audio
Mostly the audio equipment on this category falls into fancy audio equipment and people can have them for low price in any electronic store.  The purpose is for everyday use that doesn't need any serious listening. Such example are mini compo, home theater in the box, active multi media speaker etc. They are simple to set up and don't need critical adjustment (almost plug and play). The sound reproduction is low to medium sound quality.

2. Hifi Home Audio
This is the category which people are getting more serious about the choice of their audio equipment. The hifi audio system often using separate equipment such as  CD/DVD/Blu Ray/Network Player, Stereo/Surround Sound Speaker or Sub Woofer, Stereo Integrated/Pre Power Amplifier/Surround Sound Receiver, etc. The price is getting (much) higher than consumer home audio and the system is no longer plug and play. They definitely need critical setup and adjustment. The result is medium to high quality sound reproduction.

3. Highend Home Audio
For sure this category simply falls into the most exotic, price is no object, state of the art quality audio equipment. People are very meticulous to set it up, by matching between one into another component,  then tweaking and fine tuning it continuously. Sometimes it took a long times and effort in doing the procedure. The result is best sound quality reproduction among others categories. 

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