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The ATP Cables Amitola and Indian Warrior 3 Review

A. Introduction of The ATP Interconnect Cables

What is the ideal characteristic of  interconnect cables?

It should be transparent and reliable enough to carry signal from one audio equipment into another without loss of information. 

What makes some interconnect cables could sound different to one another? Let us look into their parameter as follow:  

1. Inductance;
Inductance is the property of an electrical conductor by which a change in current through it induces an electromotive force in both the conductor itself and in any nearby conductors (wikipedia)

2. Capacitance;
Capacitance is the ability of conductor to store electrical energy (wikipedia) 

3. Resistance/impedance;
A measure of the difficulty to pass an electric current through that conductor (wikipedia)

The different in  inductance, capacitance, resistance could give us different character in sound quality (for better or  worse).

4. Noise rejection
All good interconnect cables should have been shielded  to avoid interference from any external noise.

5. Build quality;
No one want their interconnect cables easy to break or corroding over the time.  Please do remember sound quality is only as strong as their weakest point, so if we make the weakest point (hence the interconnect cables) stronger, then practically we can achieve higher quality in sound reproduction.

Now please allow me to introduce ATP Amitola and ATP Indian Warrior RCA, the hand made interconnect cables by Indonesian Acoustician Mr Atok Purnomo.The package have been in my sound lab for about a month and I will put my personal review on this post.


Here are the specification of ATP Amitola and Indian Warrior 3:

ATP Amitola (Flagship lines of ATP Cables)

PCOCC (Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting) Conductor
Natural Cotton Damping
Double Shielding
Carbon Grade + Teflon Jacket
Flexy Sleeve
Nickel Free Gold Plated Cooper RCA Plugs
Single point grounding
100 Hours factory burned in

ATP Indian Warrior 3 (Entry line of ATP Cables)

OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) Conductor
Copper Spiral Shielding
Cross Linked PE and Teflon Jacket
Nickel Free Gold Plated Cooper RCA Plugs
Single point grounding
100 Hours factory burned in

The size comparison of the cables (normal cables were put for the references only)

I received both of them about a months ago. I immediately connecting them into passive attenuator and have been playing analog signal transfer for 24 hours a day in consecutive 21 days (approximately 500 hours). Just to make sure all the interconnect cables were completely burned in.

Using my test equipment which is consisting of Marantz 7300 CD Player as a source, Cayin Vaccum Tube A50T Integrated Power Amplifier and "The Django" DIY Loudspeaker with Accuton drivers. 

B. The Review

I began my first track with the album of UB 40 Labor of love  the track "Red Red Wine. This track is an example how drum beat, vocal and bass should timely sound together and harmonic. The Amitola and Indian Warrior 3 passed this test with good result. The sound is clear, timely and sweet. Amitola has better definition and transparency and the Indian Warrior 3 has a little bit warm on this song.

The second track was Take Dake "Japanese Roots". Again with the Amitola interconnect the sound is very clear, the micro and macro detail also transient were top notch. On the other hand, The  Indian Warrior 3 has smoother detail but I felt the high range is a little bit roll off on the top end. Later research showed me that Indian Warrior 3 has higher capacitance than Amitola. So the answer of warm kind of sound is because of this.

The third track was  Nils Lofgren "Keith Don't Go" both of them capable to deliver pace, rhythm, and timing so the guitar and vocals of Nils sound as if he is in front of me. System with amitola interconnect gave me grand and involving sound with extra atmosphere and transparency. The System with Indian Warrior 3 gave me softer sound compared to Amitola

The fourth track was George Benson "In Your Eyes" On this mellow song both Amitola and Indian Warrior 3 deliver sweet sound and liquid sound (as it should be with this track). Both of them gave me almost the very same feeling and experiences.

The fifth track was Chris Botti and Lisa Fischer "The Very Thought of You" On Amitola the sound of Lisa voice is as spacious and the detail notes of Chris Botti trumpet is definitely there. On Indian Warrior 3 the sound of Lisa voice is smoother and the Chris Botti trumpet is more pleasant to listen to.

C. Summary

The Pro's
ATP Amitola
1. Very transparent in analog signal transfer, clean and clear sound all the way
2. Outstanding build quality. 
3. More recommended for analytical and critical listening situation.

ATP Indian Warrior 3
1. Clean analog signal transfer and pleasant sound characteristic
2. Very nice build quality. 
3. More recommended for everyday and relaxing listening situation.  

The Con's 
1. Amitola might be too analytical for some people.
2. Indian Warrior 3 is a little bit roll off in high range frequency. 

Both of them are high quality RCA interconnect.

Asawendo, June  2016

All rights reserved

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