Friday, 23 September 2016

The Oldies But Goodies Sansui T-7 FM Tuner Review

I just bought got Sansui T7 FM Tuner from reliable source at flea market (for USD 40).  The reason I bought was nostalgic reason to listen the radio (where I spent the good old days of listening habit). 

So I set up the old school stereo equipment as follow:
Source                 : Sansui T7 FM Tuner
Antenna               : Dipole Quarter Wavelength (Tuned at 95.9 Mhz)
Equalizer             : Marantz EQ-20 (house curve room response)
Preamp                : DIY TVC (Passive Attenuator)
Power Amp         : McIntosh MC 2120 (120 watts x 2@ 8ohm)
Loudspeakers      : JPW Sonata (Vintage Monitor Speaker)

Sansui T-7 was middle up quality tuner in Vintage Sansui (not even the highest one), But this analog tuner, when equipped with good antenna will receiving all the station in my hometown in crystal clear FM Stereo quality! So solid reception you can go listen to any station but the quality is always rock solid without much of degradation.

When I first powered them up; I was blown away the warm and tender analog sound immediately filled the room. The articulated voices of the announcer hit me straight into my ears and into my heart.The human voice was so natural, with his or hers lush and fluid sound. As if someone talking and speaking with me directly, simply real human voices!. I could understand each words and each note with ease and without having ears fatigue. But what I found more interesting are their good tonal balance and solid imaging in musical session. Musical instruments have body and timbre and that sweet delicate vocal of the singer floating in my room. 

Whew...This is absolutely beyond my expectation for such a inexpensive FM Tuner!

All of the experiment and experiences makes me thinking hard; how on earth old school hifi equipment could sound like this?! Is it just pure match of any equipment involved?! or is it indication of build quality tuner from the past is that good? But before getting out of hand,  I must admit the resolution and the linearity were not their strength. Thus, they are more suitable only for news or background music reproduction not main music. However one thing for sure I will spend my listening time my radio again. And I'm very happy with that... Radio someone still loves you!

Best Regards

Asawendo, September, 2016

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