Tuesday, 25 October 2016

DIY Stereo Loudspeaker

How to make a good do it yourself loudspeaker? This simple question have been haunting DIY'ers like me for years. Luckily I have good relationship with several friends whom willing to help by sharing their precious advice as follow.

A. Always plan your work and work your plan in detail

Building speakers is not an easy task because it takes a lot of knowledge, effort, time and money to do it right.  Please measure the size of the room (small, medium or large room) to determine the size of the speakers. You can not put small bookshelf loudspeaker in a large living room and expect them to sound optimal or the other way around. Please consider also the rest of the equipment for your references. If you have Single Ended Triode Vaccum Tube Amplifier with only 3-10 watts per channel you must look some highly efficient drivers (usually above 90db with 1 watts/2.83Volt). But if you want to build tower loudspeakers please use high power amplifier (recommended above 250 watts per channel)
Open Baffle Enclosures With AMT Mundorf  Tweeter and Monitor Audio Woofer

B. Choose the right drivers for your plan

The right but affordable drivers will be good to start. You can search about the review on reputable website, social media or specialty magazine so you can comparing one into another. If available try to find some friends who already have the drivers installed and listen to one. Look at the T/S (Thiele Small) Parameter and the recommended enclosure for your drivers.Please also consider to pick the drivers from reputable company since they are willing to back you up in case there is a problem with their products.

Bass Reflex enclosures with a/d/s/ drivers

C. Choose the right enclosure of your drivers

Whether they are open baffle, sealed, bass reflex, transmission line, band pass enclosures etc. You must consider the drivers specification, then your budget, woodworking skill, your tools and your time to do the project. Sealed is recommended for the most DIY'ers because of their simple design and also forgiving one. Transmission Line is one of the hardest and also unforgiving if the enclosure is not accurate.  Please consult with the drivers manufacturer before you pick up one which suitable for your DIY Project!

Bookshelf Enclosures with Phass Drivers

D. Be a die hard DIY'ers

Do not worry about failure in the making, there are always something to learn. Experiences is the best teacher. So be persistent and consistent is the best way to achieve great result at some point.   

Floorstanders with Scanspeak and Jantzen drivers
E. Your ears will be the final judge

If it sound good to your ears it is! So enjoy it and listen to you music truly, madly, deeply with your new DIY Loudspeakers!
Transmission Line Enclosures with Accuton Drivers


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October, 2016


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