Thursday, 29 June 2017

The All Indonesian DIY Collaboration

This time I will give my personal experience of DIY Collaboration between VD SIGNATURES, AMBITUS drivers and ANDA Amplifier.

The drivers came to me from a friend named David Karjadi which is the person who held The Indonesian Brand of Ambitus.

The specification quite good so I decided to make a DIY Loudspeaker together with Mr Fidy Purwoko of VD Signature. We have made some open baffle for midrange and tweeter in pyramid shape enclosure and for the  bass we decided to put the woofer in dual port bass reflex enclosure that tuned in 35Hz 

We made several test with various audiences the amplifier which being supported by  ANDA Amplifier (Blameless 2x100 and 2x150 watts per channel). ANDA in my opinion are clear, clean and powerful power amplifier with lots of headroom. The amplifier were made by Anistardi Sudikan and Daniel Suroyo (hence the name ANDA) and 100 percent made in Indonesia

We also use CD Player and Hires Source Player for the test using Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan CD from Sangaji recording and Lucky Sing Broery from Platinum recording. We also try Three Blind Mice Recording of Tatsuyoshi Yamashita Misty for the hires recording.

The combination of the system gave us solid staging and imaging and the proportional tonal balance and tonal accuracy. Almost every music we put on them could reproduce it beautifully with decent separation, spacious, but also neutral and musical. We were happy for the result of all Indonesian Audio Gears...

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June 2017

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