Sunday, 30 July 2017

DIY Loudspeaker of Kaymee RFE-1

Kaymee Audio RFE-1
This is another Standmount DIY Loudspeakers Project as a result of great collaboration between the team of Kaymee Audio. 

Inspired by Ensemble PA-1 (which is my favorite Standmount Speaker). 

But unlike the original design, we use MicroPrecision Z130 Tex for Woofer (instead of Zellaton driver which is very difficult to find) and Scanspeak 9900 Tweter (instead of Hiquphon OW II) we also try to smooth out the front baffle in order to have less diffraction enclosure.
The Specification of Kaymee Audio RFE -1

Two way with 
Scanspeak 9900 Tweeter 
Microprecision Z130 Tex Midrange/Woofer
KEF B139 Passive Radiator
Sensitivity 90db 1W/1M 2.83 Volt
Minimum Power 3 Watts RMS per Channel
Rated Power 25 Watts RMS per Channel
Max Power 150 Watts RMS per Channel
Cross over at 2800Hz 12 db

13.8" (350mm) Height; 9" (230mm) Width; and 8.25" (210mm) Depth, tapering to 5.9" (150mm) Depth at the top. Weights: 22 lbs each.

The Original Design of Ensemble PA-1
Lacquer Glossy Finishing

The Team of Kaymee Audio

The Final Product and the stand

The result is superb imaging and staging with proportional tonal balance! Large and 3 dimensional sound...

We are so happy and actually we want to build another one like this. Cheers

July 2017

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