Wednesday, 30 August 2017

DIY Loudspeaker of VD Signature Aurel Bryan

This time I want to tell about the project of full range drivers as the main driver plus ambient tweeter to enhance extended high. Oh what a lovely project...

Enter Aurel Bryan Full range driver (USD 130) and Eton Dome tweeter (USD 199) as a great combo of this project. For the info Aurel Bryan is 8 inch and the specification are 40-18KHz and all made in Indonesia

The crossover cutting point is 12 db Butterworth at 12,000Hz and beyond for the Eton tweeter. All the frequencies below that goes to the Aurel Bryan Full Range. 

The enclosure itself is sealed one and the  tweeter is physically time aligned based on the position of the full range driver. The purpose is for solid imaging and staging.


The result is adorable and relaxing sound,  lifelike voice, good and stable imaging and staging. So happy with the result!Kudos for Mr Rudy Gunawan as the maker of Aurel Bryan driver

Best Regards


August 2017


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