Saturday, 30 September 2017

Amazing Accapela, German Physics and Vitus System

What if you heard sound system that sound very lifelike and realistic as if we are there with the performer?

Recently I just invited into one fabulous sound system of my new friend at his house which is located in Serpong, Indonesia.

He definitely got a big, beautiful and luxury sound room which both function as music room and home theater room. The room has 7 meter width  x 9 meter  length and 4.5 meter height. Big enough for Home theater and sound room application.

The Specification

Power Amplifier
2 x Vitus SS102 (front)
1pr TAD M600 (surround)

Vitus Masterpiece MPL201

Vitus Masterpiece MPT201
Vitus Masterpiece MPD201
Cambrdige 752BD Bluray  

Acapella Campanile mk3 (front)
German Physiks Carbon SE (rear)

AC power cord :
1. AudioQuest WEL signature
2. AQ Hurricane
3. Nanotech
Interconnect :
1. Acapella Reference XLR
2. AQ WEL Signature XLR
3. AcapellanReference RCA

Digital AES EBU :
Audio Quest Wel Signature

Digital Coax (bluray)
1. Acapella Reference Coax

Line Conditioner :
3 Unit Audioquest Niagara 7000

Speaker Cable

(all installed and tuned by Suria Intisemesta Team of Mr Widjaja):

The Sound

The listening session done by both playing home theater and music mode.  Together with several other friends we were stuck by the system ability to bring higher resolution sound..

At the beginning we were watching Zhang Yimou The House of Flying Dagger with the marvelous scene Bamboo Forest Fight scene and The Echoes Games scene. The sound was really stellar one! the whispering bamboo, the flying sword, the echoing drum coming from all around the room but not the speaker themselves!

At Need for Speed movie final race scene the sudden thundering sound of muffler exhaust screamed the room as if real car entering the room.

At the Dolby Atmos Amaze Scene we got surrounded by various sound from side, front, behind, above us. Very amazing experiences!

Credit to combo between Accapela Campanile (Ion Tweeter and Horn Midrange) and German Physiks Carbon (omni directional) which is very dynamic and credit also to the amplifier which can control the loudspeaker with great linearity and high in signal to noise ratio.

Then I try to ask my friend to play some musical content that I brought which is Mantovani Orchestra. This time we played Chariots Of Fire and Amapola. The music was so marvelous with 3D and holographic imaging. As if we were transported to the best concert of Maestro Mantovani. Then  we tried to listen to The Butterfly Lovers Album which is awesome album that fulfill my emotion with the haunting sound of string instrument.

The ultimate experiences finally comes with Blu Ray of John Woo Red Cliff an epic chinese war story full of battleship and infantry war. We just transported into the war zone with all of dynamic impact and transient. I think I should wear my own armor shield. Whew...

The Conclusion

What an astonishing system! very realistic and incredible in sight and sound.



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